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The Dream of Travel

7 Jan

When I tell people about my plans, the most common response is: “You are so brave.” What they don’t know about is the times that I’ve spent curled up in a ball on my bed sobbing for all of the fears that I face ahead. The largest of those is being alone. 

The thing that got me through the toughest times, the scared-part-of-me-crying-alone-on-my-bed times, was this romantic dream I have nourished that is my dream of travel. Just the thought of wandering down streets lined with buildings I don’t recognise, bustling with people whose language is a new and exciting music to me… It is this that makes me shiver in excitement, raring to go like a wild horse at the gate out of its paddock. 

Part of me sometimes thinks “Can this dream be real?” But of course, in our wonderfully diverse world. I have to tell myself when these thoughts arise, that just because you haven’t seen or experienced something yourself isn’t to say it doesn’t exist. 

The perfections of this dream are what I imagine most would see to be imperfections. The confusion, the extreme and random situations, to be in places some people would do their best to avoid… Is it perfection I am seeking? No, not in the slightest. Only in the sense that when a person is in love, they only see the imperfections of the person they love as what makes them so special and all the more perfect. 

This dream has kept me sane when working for hours in mediocre jobs and when scraping the bottom of the metaphorical pot for motivation in school. This is my dream that makes me feel more alive than I dare be while still here in my home town. This is the dream that when reality strikes, will surely leave me a different, better person. Since I was 14, it’s all that I’ve hoped, wished and aspired to…