Adios or hasta luego?

29 Mar

Spending two solid weeks with the same people isn’t always a good thing, especially when females out-numbered the males by far, but luckily for me it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. It seemed so much longer than two weeks because of how much of that time was spent actively doing things and being with and connecting with people. But it also feels to have finished all of a sudden.


We shared so many amazing conversations, moments of wonder and fun. We’d always be rooming with different people so everyone got the chance to know everyone else outside of a group situation. With Wandering Earl leading us, a funny, friendly travel blogger, we made our way from Playa Del Carmen to Oaxaca, seeing and doing (and don’t even get me started on eating, YUMMY) many things along the way. The best part was not necessarily what we were seeing, however, but the people we were with – at least in my opinion. We could have been anywhere and seeing anything and it would have been just as fun. Image

Saying “goodbye”, or as it goes in spanish, “adios”, wasn’t easy. It never is, really. Not saying goodbye to home, to family, to friends new or old. I needed a different way of coping with parting ways. Instead I tried “hasta luego”.


To be able to cope with the marks people leave on me, and the loss of a part of me that every person I open myself to takes with them, I have to be philosophical. I do believe that every person has a place in your life to teach you something, and sometimes leaving is a part of that teaching. When this explanation isn’t good enough and I really miss someone, and it feels like a part of me is missing, I simply have to know that I said “hasta luego” instead of “adios”, and meant it. And know that I can fulfill that statement any time if I am so determined. “Hasta luego” translates from spanish to english as “see you later”. 


Sometimes, it’s harder to say that, if you know the chances of really seeing them again in this crazy world are so small. But if it is meant to be it will be, because coincidences do happen and people do unexpectedly meet again in the most unpredictable of places, as I’ve experienced hands on and heard many stories of the same. I hope with all of my heart to meet these good-sorts again, and perhaps I’ll have even better stories to tell. Stories of beginning travel at 18, still a kid in so many people’s eyes, and thriving across huge ranges of culture. We’ll see.


Is adios too hard? Try hasta luego. 


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