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Moments matter

16 Apr

Travel has made me come to terms with the probability of never again seeing so many people. I’ve come to care less about what I might leave people thinking and more about how I leave people feeling. It seems more ultimately important and less trivial than a thought. A feeling can be made of many things and are much harder to control than thoughts. There’s a belief in Indonesian culture that everyone is either an angel or a demon. You can tell which they are by how they leave you feeling. Whether it’s the really genuinely nice guy who works at the nearest supermarket or that girl who doesn’t speak the same language as you and snores loudly on the bunk bed below, the impressions we leave on the people around us every moment of our lives matter. A stranger only knows who you are in that moment, and maybe that will be the only chance time your paths cross. So I think leaving a positive recollection with the person you’ve met once and probably won’t meet again is still important.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama

Body language is in every language and smiling has never given more negative things than positive. Our lives are compiled of moments and though each one at the time often feels so insignificant, a passing fly in the garden of our lives, it matters. These moments make up our days which make up our years and therefore our lives. I can only conclude that I’ve come to be more concious about the way I am. I haven’t changed myself, I just make more of an effort to be as polite and kind as I can to everyone that I meet (which can be harder than anyone would like sometimes) but to stand for a certain moral code – one that if I’m honest, I’m still figuring out. Traveling has helped, and I can feel it moulding me day by day, moment by moment.