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Impossible Huge Dreams

9 Nov

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It’s great when people are different and dare to live outside of their society’s norms. When people do awesome world-and-life-changing things. Although sometimes, I question… does it really make a difference? How often do you actually hear about people who have done some good deed having made a notable impact? I question these acts of hope because I become exhausted by the overwhelming negatives of the world.

Of course it makes a difference. Every tiny act, pushing hope forward makes a difference. These acts are what drive the overwhelming positives in the world!

The most complicated thing I’ve been contemplating just now is how the world is frustatingly and awesomely not only good and bad, black and white, but all different shades of grey. To do what I really believe, one of my passions, is how I want to spend a large part of my life. I feel like I must undergo a lot of criticism and hardships to achieve much in the field, but I feel that it is simply what I must do. That is reducing unrecycled waste, reducing mining and oil drilling and fuel consumption where possible. Conserving environments, trying to stop as much polluting of the Earth as I can, to save ecosystems and other species from our own greed and ignorance.

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I suppose in the bigger picture it won’t be terribly different from travelling in terms of seeing the tiny details people are willing to have an opinion on or be offended over. From where I stand in my entirely unqualified view, I see the broad fields of earth science and social science as ever-changing fields, always with new information and theories and history changing discoveries happening. These are the fields I’d like to get involved in, and I suppose in any sort of work there can be self-important people alongside those who are pleasant or inspire.

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It’s an exciting time to live in. Unfortunately I feel like to make any significant difference I would have to involve myself in politics, in policies and petty business and everyone speaking as though their opinion is more important than the next person’s, or at least that’s how I currently see it.

Sometimes it drains me of hope, for the huge dreams I have seem tiny and impossible in the face of the world’s large corporate and political powers. And perhaps they are. But a combining of many huge dreams from many regular people can be larger than any amount of money or influence, if only they can flourish in the right way.

Huge dreams will forever live, even if as hopes. After all, hope is the force that makes life livable.

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